Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1000 words

I haven't seen any of CNN's "Planet in Peril" stuff, but being a meteorologist, I do have a keen interest in one of the aspects that this covers. That of course is climate change. To be honest, most of what I've seen out of news agencies (and CNN is included in this) is the ridiculous he said/she said type journalism that lets two "experts" "debate" on a subject. It's rampant in politics. It's strangely rampant in the world of science as well. You have a climate scientist talking about global warming and the impact it could potentially have on the planet and you have, typically, a spokesperson for some organization that is trying to debunk global warming, or at the very least say that it isn't manmade. It's a strange dynamic, since such a majority of earth scientists actually think global warming is real and is a big deal that it makes the dabate format seem absurd.

One thing that always seems to be missing is pictures. People can only listen to "I'm right/No, you're wrong" for so long before they decide that neither side knows what they're talking about. That's changed now (danger: sound). With more pictures like this, people who aren't up on the science, but understand what their eyes tell them will see the impact of global warming.

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