Friday, March 5, 2010

Essential reading on Climate Change

There is a lovely blog post out there called How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic, which even after almost two years is quite relevant. Which is a little scary if you think about. Blog posts should have the shelf life of a fruit fly. Skeptics really need to get some better arguments.

Anyway, with the recent so-called "Climate-gate" there is a new mad rush to spew the same old arguments again, only this time using stolen emails in an attempt to bolster these arguments. It's made its rounds in with the usual suspects, as Deep Climate meticulously documents.

Well, mt found an article from the Orange County (CA) Register, and completely, thorough dismantles it. It's not even fair, really. He takes every conflated or false claim being relentless evoked by climate sketpics and shows that, as his post title says, "they got nothin'". Take a little time this lovely weekend and read up.

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