Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Earl

Hurricane Earl is still out there.

The forecast track for Hurricane Earl will bring it on the closest approach to tri-state Friday evening. The current position is south of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and east of northern Florida. It will continue to track north-northwest, turning north and then northeast as it moves up the coast. The hurricane is expected to remain out to see as it passes by North Carolina, but it will be close enough that they will be affected by hurricane force winds and heavy rain late this evening and overnight. Earl will continue to move up the coast and will affect much of the Tri-State with heavy rain and gusty winds. The areas that will be most affected by the system will be Long Island, eastern Connecticut and coastal areas where strong storm surges and pounding waves are expected. The rain will begin for the northeastern U.S. Friday morning for parts of New Jersey and in the afternoon and evening for other parts of the region. Strong gusty winds up to 50 mph will be possible, with the strongest winds affecting eastern parts of the region. The storm will pass quickly up to the Cape Cod area, which will be affected by hurricane force winds Friday night and early Saturday morning. The system will move away quickly, leaving Saturday mostly sunny, though still windy.

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