Monday, December 13, 2010

Not ready for some football

I've been a bad son and brother recently. I've been chuckling over the all the snow my family in the Upper Midwest has been seeing in the past couple of months while I keep seeing rain where I am (though I do want it to snow...).

Well, another snow storm hit Minnesota over the weekend. Some areas saw as much as two feet of snow. Along with blizzard like conditions, it wasn't a good time.

That includes for the football team that plays indoors. Why? Here's why. I'm sure you've seen the video already, but man! The Vikings wanted to play outdoors on Monday at the stadium where the University of Minnesota plays, but a) the New York Giants (their opponent) didn't bring cold weather gear. Which they would need because the wind chills will be below zero. In fact, the temps might be below zero.

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