Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time-lapse clouds

Via Bad Astronomy is this awesome series of time-lapse photographs in the Canary Islands. Bad Astronomy posts a lot of these and they are all amazing. They also feature a lot of stars. Duh.

But the linked to above is more about the clouds. Clouds at high elevations pushing into the mountain almost look like waves on the ocean. Beautiful shots of lenticular clouds over the mountain peaks. Lenticulars are beautiful to look at, but in my old job forecasting turbulence for airlines, they were a sign of trouble in the air. They are an indicator for mountain waves, which can cause some pretty severe turbulence. You can see this happening over alot of high, sharp peaks, like the Rockies and the mountains in southern Alaska. There isn't much that gets a dispatchers attention faster than a mountain wave forecast right through their flight plan.

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