Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Earth 2100

Do you need to stay up late tonight, but you're afraid that you might doze off? Have I got the (potential) remedy for you!

ABC is airing a special called Earth 2100, about the changes that humans are helping to make to the earth and where our world will stand if things don't change. It will deal with more than just climate change (something I'm big on, obviously), including things like resource depletion and population growth. You may have heard this before, but water is the next oil. Climate change and available water are completely and totally linked. As climate change causes weather patterns to shift, where the water falls as rain changes as well. As populations grow, more water is need. Desertification is a very big problem in many areas of the world. I haven't seen the show yet (I'll be recording it, just in case I can't watch it tonight), but it has all the potential to keep you anxiously awake all night. So, you're welcome, I suppose.

By the way, Bob Woodruff (host of "Earth 2100") was on the Daily Show June 1. Check out the interview here.

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