Monday, June 1, 2009

More old news

So I was just perusing around the interwebs today, looking at this and that and found an old article from February that I found somewhat interesting.

You have likely heard of that thing called globel warming. I may have even mentioned it a time or three. Well, one possible affect of it has been that the hottest day of the year now comes a couple days earlier. Some scientists did a statistical analysis on the temps and found that in the last 50 years or so, the hottest day of the year (typically July 21) is now occurring 1.7 days earlier.

Thinking about that now, I guess it's not a terribly big surprise. Sure temps are hotter, so you'd think that the statistically hottest day of the year would be hotter as well. However, as the article mentions, winter temps have been heating faster than summer. Because of this, there is fewer cold days lasting into the spring. There is less snow and ice keeping air temps colder. Temps will starting getting warmer because of this. I guess it's just another affect that people don't usually think about.

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